Zoning/Triple S and Bd. of Adjustments

When planning a construction project, you must first obtain zoning and/or land use permissions through the proper channels before you can start building. This can be a complicated process for many individuals, especially those who are already working on many other projects and do not have the time or resources to follow the zoning process from beginning to end. At Neal & Davis, PLLC, we understand zoning, land use and development law and are available to assist you with your zoning and land use needs. We have represented a variety of different types of clients with zoning and have worked on a number of different projects, including:


  • Residential construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Distribution facilities
  • Small and large office parks
  • Stand alone office buildings
  • Mixed use developments
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Hospitals


No matter what your project is, we can assist you in obtaining the correct permits and government backing in order to see your project through to the finish line. We assist you with all paperwork and filing involved, and will ensure that everything is completed correctly and submitted in a timely fashion. We are also prepared to assist you in the event that your zoning request is challenged, and can do so through mediation, arbitration or litigation if necessary. Whatever your zoning needs, we are have the experience, skills and resources needed to provide you with high quality, professional legal services you can have confidence in.
Let us help you with your zoning requirements, so you can focus on the development of your project. Call us for a consultation today. Call us Today.
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