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Are you involved with a legal matter, represented by counsel, and need a second professional opinion?

Gregg Y. Neal is available for consultation. This consultation will cost $1500.00 for a maximum of two hours of review with you. The fee is payable in advance and is nonrefundable.

Sometimes, it is good to have an objective outside opinion to review your case and make suggestions, confirm results, help make sure you on the right track, clarify confusing legal issues, and give you some direction and peace of mind.

Mr. Neal would not be your lawyer in the case, and he would not engage with others on your behalf. The consultation is for you and you alone.

Mr. Neal has 50 years’ experience as a trial lawyer and has tried cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, malpractice, construction, zoning, estates, business disputes, contractual disputes, and others. He has served as a mediator in Kentucky and Florida for decades and he is a published author of many legal articles. His experience is valuable, and he can assist you in the pursuit of your case through these consultations.

Often, one cannot see the forest for the trees. Litigation can be complex and time consuming. A consultation with Mr. Neal will help you understand and navigate the nuances of your case as a second look.

Call Mr. Neal at 502-633-6002, email at, and review the web site at OR