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Have you ever had a dispute in your company, in your family, or with your neighbors? There is a way to resolve these problems without the costly expense of litigation. At Neal & Davis, PLLC, one of our attorneys, Gregg Y. Neal, assists those in conflict through the mediation process. This process allows you to keep control of the outcome, allows you a safe place to express yourself, and finds workable solutions for all involved.

In addition, Neal & Davis, PLLC, can conduct mediation online. Through emails and instant messaging, parties can present their views to the mediator. This type of mediation process can be effective when the parties are a long distance from each other or when it would be difficult for the parties to meet in person. We have worked with clients throughout Kentucky.

The Numerous Benefits To Mediation

The most common benefits to using mediation as opposed to going to court include:

  • Mediation allows you to reach mutually agreeable solutions.
  • We encourage parties to look at the future instead of the past.
  • Mediation is quicker and less expensive than litigation.
  • It produces agreements that are based on the principles of fairness.
  • It’s private and confidential.
  • You’ll benefit from having an impartial third party helping you.
  • Mediation has a high rate of compliance with the agreement.
  • Mediated agreements often stand the test of time.

Gregg Y. Neal is certified as circuit mediator and appellate mediator and approved arbitrator by the Supreme Court of Florida, and he is on the approved mediator list with the Administrative Office of the Courts of Kentucky. He has mediated personal injury cases, business disputes, construction contracts, complex litigation, estate conflicts,  and other disputes.

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Sometimes it takes a neutral person to get to the heart of the problem and allow people in conflict to move forward rather than getting stuck in the past. If you or your company need this service, Mr. Neal will be happy to discuss the details with you. Working together can achieve a resolution. Call our office in Shelbyville at 502-633-6002 or fill out our contact form today.