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Business Law & Litigation And Insurance Bad Faith: Everything You Need To Know

The world of business law and litigation can often be dog-eat-dog or cutthroat. Contractual obligations will often be ignored, investment money will be spent on unapproved expenses, and disputes over funding and business practices are commonplace. Operating and managing a business can be exceptionally difficult without any of these issues, and it becomes even more overwhelming when you have challenges like this arise.

Similarly ruthless are insurance companies that wrongly deny valid claims. It is extremely difficult to face them without the help of experienced legal counsel.

When you face a business or construction dispute or a bad faith insurance claim, reach out to Neal & Davis, PLLC. We have worked with clients throughout Kentucky.

Giving You The Edge In Business Law

Our experience in all matters of business law can give your case a legal edge and increase the chances that your case will be resolved in your favor. No matter what your business issue is, we have the experience to handle your case. When a business matter threatens to impact your bottom line and what you’ve worked so hard for, you need a business law attorney you can trust.

At Neal & Davis, PLLC, we know that your business is important to you. We understand that you’ve put your hard work, effort and precious time into developing and cultivating a business you can be proud of. So when a business issue arises, we know that you need top-notch, aggressive legal representation in order to protect your rights, your investments and your business.

The Insurance Company Is Not On Your Side

Insurance companies fight hard. We fight harder. When an insurance company does not investigate your claim, does not pay your claim fairly and delays its resolution, the insurance company can be in violation of Kentucky’s Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. This law requires the insurance company to meet standards of fairness when a claim is presented. If that does not happen, the insurance company may be liable for bad faith.

We have represented clients who have had their disability insurance denied; those who have suffered a personal injury and the insurance company refuses to pay even though their insured was at fault; and clients who have suffered home damage from fire, wind and theft. Unless you have aggressive representation against insurance companies, they win.

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