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3 times a commercial transportation company helps cause a wreck

When a commercial truck is the vehicle responsible for a crash, it is usually because of something the driver did or didn’t do. However, sometimes the driver had very little control over the situation that caused the wreck.

Occasionally, it is the transportation company that employs the driver rather than the driver themselves who is ultimately at fault for a commercial vehicle collision. What are some of the scenarios where a trucking company has liability for a crash involving one of the vehicles in their fleet?

When the company maintained their vehicles poorly

Commercial vehicles require constant maintenance and repairs due to the amount of wear and tear they endure on the roads. Failing brakes or tires blowing out could directly contribute to a serious crash.

In approximately 10% of commercial crashes caused by the big vehicle, a vehicle issue is ultimately to blame. When improper maintenance or repair causes a vehicle issue which, in turn, causes a collision, the company may have liability for the losses that result from the wreck.

When the company forces workers to break commercial transportation rules

Those with commercial driver’s licenses CDLs are subject to stricter regulations than other drivers. They have extra education required of them and more limitations on what they can do behind the wheel.

For example, while there is no federal law against texting while driving for most people, there is a federal no-text rule for truck drivers. There are also rules that limit how long a driver should be behind the wheel. Commercial transportation companies may pressure their workers to answer text messages while in the field or stay on the road when they should be done for the night.

When the company hires or retains someone with a dangerous driving record

It can be hard to locate responsible, reliable commercial drivers. Many transportation companies are always on the lookout for new talent.

Some of them will make major concessions regarding driving history when hiring new workers out of desperation. Others will ignore warning signs or infractions that indicate one of their drivers is at risk of causing a wreck.

If you get hurt in a crash caused by a commercial truck, exploring who is ultimately liable can help you connect with compensation and seek justice.