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Are some drivers addicted to their phones?

Say you have a friend who you hate riding with because they are constantly on their phone. They send text messages, make calls, check social media apps and even try to show you pictures or videos while they drive. It’s nerve-wracking, to say the least.

If you asked them if they thought their phone use was dangerous, though, they may roll their eyes or act less than thrilled about the conversation, but they might not deny that it was risky. So, if they know this, why is it that they won’t stop using their phone?

Addiction symptoms in phone users

The truth is that your friend may be addicted their phone. This is why simply making laws about hand-held phone use doesn’t stop it. People who are addicted will take the risk, as it feels like they have no control over that choice.

Symptoms of phone addiction start with this type of risk-taking behavior. Another common symptom is feeling nervous about not being able to text or feeling very out of sorts if the network is down — or they’re simply out of range. They’re so used to being connected at all times that they don’t know how to go without it.

This can certainly happen in the car. Someone may try to keep their phone in their pocket for an entire drive, but are they going to be able to do it if they’re used to checking their notifications every 10 minutes?

If you are hit by a driver who was using their phone or injured in a crash where the driver you were riding with was on their phone, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.