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Can trucking companies push workers to speed?

Since 2008, speeding has been a major factor in around a quarter of all crash deaths, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Many of the vehicles these drivers use do have speed-limiting technology in place. Most are set to between 62 and 68 mph, helping to slow them down. Not all trucks have this technology, though.

In 2019, two senators worked together to introduce a new, bipartisan bull to limit Class 7 and Class 8 trucks with speed-limiting devices. Those devices would limit the trucks to 65 mph.

Do trucking companies push workers to speed?

Legally, trucking companies can’t ask their workers to speed. However, tight deadlines and schedules, as well as bonuses or pay structures encouraging faster work, may make it a risk that some workers are willing to take.

Going slower doesn’t make sense for a trucking company, because reducing speed means taking longer to make deliveries or to pick up goods. Those slowdowns might mean losing jobs and bringing in fewer profits.

Despite that, it’s essential that the truck drivers don’t speed, because their vehicles are dangerous. A speeding truck is thousands of pounds heavier than the passenger vehicles around them, and a collision has a high potential to be fatal, especially at higher speeds. Collisions with truckers open up employers to liability issues as well as workers’ compensation claims in some cases.

Should you report a speeding truck?

Yes. If you see a truck that is speeding beyond the limit and a driver who is being reckless or harmful, it’s time to report them. Call 911 or the local police to report the incident, but make sure you’re safe when you do so. Use a hands-free device or ask a passenger to call. You may also take down the driver’s license plate and then pull over to make the call safely.

Trucks are dangerous already, but speeding adds to the risk. If you’re driving around a truck that isn’t obeying the traffic laws, it’s important to speak out to bring attention to the issue. If you’re hit, then that driver should be held accountable.