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Crash injured multiple people after semi loses its load on I-64

When you’re on the highway around large vehicles, you may be concerned that you’re not safe. It’s certainly true that semis and larger vehicles can cause serious crashes that block the highway and end up injuring or killing many people. 

Take for example a recent collision on Interstate 64 just south of Shelbyville. The interstate had to be shut down for several hours because of crashes that happened on the 14th of January. When discussing what happened, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet stated that the crashes had happened after 9:00 p.m. when one of the semis involved lost its load. 

Despite the carnage, no deaths were reported

It’s not clear exactly how the crash happened, but at least four commercial vehicles were involved as well as several other cars. One of those smaller vehicles was flipped onto its roof when the Shelbyville Fire Department arrived. 

Fortunately, even though this crash involved several vehicles traveling at high speeds, no deaths were reported. There were multiple injuries, however. Four of the Shelbyville Fire Department’s medical units were deployed to assist. 

Protecting yourself from accidents with large trucks

Sometimes, there’s no way to predict that a major crash will take place. Other times, there are signs. If you notice a large truck’s load looks loose or that the driver isn’t staying in their lane, back away.

It’s also wise to remember that trucks have more blind zones than regular vehicles. You should also remember that large vehicles cannot stop as fast as small ones. When passing a truck, do your best to get out of its blind zones as quickly as possible — but don’t pull in front of the vehicle so quickly that you end up in a collision.

When multiple vehicles are involved in a serious accident, you can just about count on the fact that the insurance companies involved will all try to pass the blame on to someone else. Talk to an attorney about protecting your interests right away.