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Is that a drunk driver ahead of you on the road?

The holidays are coming — and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are all well-known “drinking” days. You could easily find yourself on the road with a drunk driver while you’re trying to get the kids home from Grandma’s house after dinner.

So how do you tell if the person piloting that car up ahead (or behind you) is inebriated or not? Here are the signs that can alert you to an intoxicated driver:

You’re being tailgated. Intoxicated drivers lose their inhibitions, and that can lead to aggressive driving.

  • The other vehicle keeps accelerating and decelerating at irregular intervals. Sober drivers tend to move along at a steady speed.
  • The car keeps weaving over the center line or on to the shoulder of the road at the right. That’s a clear signal that the driver isn’t able to concentrate or focus.
  • They’re going far too slowly. Drunk drivers tend to go well below the posted speed limit in an effort to avoid detection.
  • They’re braking erratically or pausing far too long at stop signs or lights. The driver may be drifting off to sleep or so inebriated that they’re confused about their location.
  • They’re bumping the curb, coming too close to parked cars and nearly wiping out mailboxes.

If you think a driver is drunk, don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Don’t aim to overtake the other driver or attract their attention. If possible, get their license plate and the make and model of their vehicle. Then, stop your car and call 911. You may save someone’s life.

If you are injured in a wreck with a drunk driver, you may experience significant financial distress on top of your wounds. An experienced attorney can work to make sure the claims process is fair and that you receive all the compensation you are due.