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Why keeping a diary is still a good idea in 2019

Diaries have existed in some form or another since humans learned how to write. They’re great tools for record keeping, record making, and for personal reflection. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, they could be good for your claim, too.

Some might have the opinion that diaries are childish or an exercise in navel gazing. My personal experience has been that they’re a great window into how I thought or felt about things at a given point in time. Looking back into those windows to the past now offers great perspective into both myself and into whatever subject was occupying my mind at the time I wrote the entry.

Jurors can get the same perspective from a car crash victim that kept a diary. They can learn about daily activities that you did both before and after your crash. Giving a jury some insight into the struggles you’ve been through, and how your life changed, since your injury is almost always helpful for the writer making his or her case at trial. It doesn’t have to be “mushy” or “emotional” if you don’t want it to be, but writing down your feelings and problems often has the effect of making things more personal for the person hearing or reading about them later on.

If nothing else, it’s a good habit and a great way to remind yourself of people, places and events in the past.

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