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Winter means dangerous road conditions –

driving in snowThe past couple days here in Kentucky have truly brought in the winter season – just in time for the holidays! While we often serenade the winter wonderland when it finally appears, there are some obvious dangers that come with it.

Snow and ice mean very hazardous road conditions. Many vehicle crashes this time of year are the result of a vehicle that encounters slick or icy roads, especially bridges. While folks will want to point the finger at the ice if it causes a crash, the truth is that the fault will still lie with the driver that lost control of their vehicle.

Kentucky law establishes that all drivers have a duty to maintain control over their motor vehicles. Drivers need to be even more careful than usual when they know that the roads are icy or slick.Fortunately, there are a number of tips that can help you prevent accidents while driving on icy roads. Some of these tips include:


Refrain from driving when there is snow and ice on your car. Your dashboard, windows, and doors should be completely clear of debris.


You should always reduce your speed while driving on ice. By driving slowly, you can give yourself enough time to react in an emergency situation.


Always ensure that there is extra space between you and the vehicles ahead of you. If you need to come to a stop, you’ll be able to do so safely.


Although defensive driving is always important, it is a must during the winter season. It involves planning ahead for the unexpected, being prepared to react to other drivers, staying alert and avoiding all distractions, being able to control speed, and not expecting other drivers to act in the way you think they should.

If you’ve been injured by another driver in a car crash, you’re going to want trusted legal advice to get you back on your feet. Give our office a call at 502-633-6002 to speak to an attorney for a free consultation today, and be safe out there!